Eight.Bit Commando エイト ビット コマンド is an Artistic Name for my Musical project that involves the A.M.T. : Arcade Music Tribute – 80s and 90s VGM Remixes as well as my unique musical creations that are a unique mix of Retro 80s Synths, various electronic sounds, old school vibes and heavy guitar riffing & solos.

After making Metal Music for more than a decade in mid 2000s I had began to dream of making something new. Something original. At first I was going to work under the artistic name “WindCarrier”. In time it became clear that some of my new music was more “beat” oriented while other was more “instrumental score” oriented so I came up with a new nick name “Eight.bit Commando”.

The first Eight Bit Commando beats were produced between 2011 to 2014. Then I took a pause to focus on my main project : ARCADE MUSIC TRIBUTE. It is my favorite project and will possibly be my main focus for the rest of my time.

In late 2022 I have revisited my old tracks and started working again. New Eight Bit Commando releases will be coming out in 2023 and onward.

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