Since 1994 and up to 2009 I have been working with many Metal Bands such as : BlackOut, Crusaders, Infinity, Dusk Delight, Vigilante and Negligence. I have released an album with Dusk Delight and two albums with Negligence.

Dyz Wardance was my Metal Solo project from 1998 to 2015. I have released a Solo album called “Welcome to my World” in 2011 and several songs.

Besides Dyz Wardance I have done some other projects like Bay Area Tribute E.P. and Neverfall. Both were Internet Releases only.

In 2008 I have collaborated with the band called One out of Hell

I have had a deep passion and admiration for Metal Music since late 1989, but in 1992 it had grown to a new level when I heard Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction song. Something clicked inside and I picked up an Electric Guitar and started learning music.

From 1994 to 2003 I went through playing in several different Metal bands most notably – Negligence and Dusk Delight.

In late 1990s I was starting to learn music production and demoed several songs. Some of them would later find their way on the “Welcome to my World” album.

Dyz Wardance was my side project that I had been working on besides Dusk Delight and Negligence. In late 2007 I began working on what was going to be my final Metal Album release : “Dyz – Welcome to my World”.

In 2008 and 2009 I recorded all the material – drums, bass, guitars and vocals. In 2010 I had to pause as I was building a new Studio. In early 2011 between working on what was later going to become the Arcade Music Tribute, I finally mixed my Album and released it in Summer of 2011.

Besides that I recorded several Metal Songs on my own and released them under the artistic name of “Dyz” or “Dyz Wardance”. “Wardance” was the name of my second demo, but I thought it had a nice ring to it so I would occasionally use it.

DYZ WARDANCE project officially ended in 2015 as announced on its Facebook page, but in October 2022 I started to do some preproduction for a potential remix of the “Welcome to my World” album. I am at this point not yet sure if I will be able to complete this project and make a re-release at some point in the future as it would be a huge project. I would most likely re-record a great deal of instruments and give it a fresh punchier new sound.

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