New A.M.T. release and several new tracks in the works.

After focusing on Eight Bit Commando project in 2023, I have finally been able to release a new A.M.T. track.

18 May 2024
Finally working on new A.M.T. releases…

2023 saw the focus of my work shift to the Eight Bit Commando project. I have released 4 tracks this

20 December 2023
Another Eight Bit Commando Track Released

Here is the 4th Eight Bit Commando release of this year. 3 new songs will be coming out in early

20 December 2023
I’ve just got a new logo design for EBC – Eight Bit Commando Project.

The new logo was designed by Jimmy Synthetic

15 September 2023
A.M.T. Xenon 2 Remix has gone over 200000 views :

A.M.T. – Xenon.2.Meglablast [The.Bitmap.Brothers] [1989-1992]

29 August 2023
New Eight Bit Commando Release :

My first official Synth Wave style song has been released : Eight.Bit Commando イート ビット コマンド : Cyber Chill 101

29 August 2023
My After.Burner.II アフターバーナー Remix has reached 100 thousand views.

This is the second A.M.T. release that reached this milestone. Xenon II is nearing 200 thousand views. Afterburner II also

12 May 2023
2 New Eight.Bit Commando Songs

I am working on two videos for two new Eight.Bit Commando songs. The first one is “LiftOff” and the other

23 April 2023
New Social Media Links

Besides all the standard Youtube, Facebook and SoundCloud links for my various musical projects, an Instagram profile has been created

23 April 2023
A.M.T. reaches 3k subs on Youtube

The Arcade Music Tribute Youtube Channel has reached 3 thousands subscribers with the most viewed video being the Xenon II

23 April 2023
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