A.M.T. Arcade Music Tribute Still Running

Arcade Music Tribute is a musical project of remixing VGM Music from 80s and early 90s. It was started in 2011 in the new built Dyz Sonic Temple studio or what is now called Dyz Studio. It is a part of Dyz Music [Legacy] and it has been one of the most productive projects from producer and artist Dyz a.k.a. WindCarrier / 8.bit.Commando.

The project has been revived in sept. 2014 and still going with great results. Xenon 2 Remix hit 10 000 views on Youtube and many great names from Chiptune era like Jeroen Tel and Jason Whitely giving a positive feedback.

You can follow all the new released tracks on these external links :

or follow this page for the rest of the external links : http://dyzstudio.com/arcade-tunes-tribute/

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